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Does Christianity have a Feminine Feel?

"I don’t doubt that there is “masculinity” (or whatever you wish to call it) in the Christian faith. God is our Father. Jesus was and is a man … “the Man in the glory” as the hymn goes. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were males. And there’s the biblical line of “sonship.”

Okay, fine. I get it.

But … God’s ultimate passion is for a girl. His relentless desire is for a woman. Consequently, Christianity has a feminine feel to it as well." -Frank Viola

  1. joshuadavidwatson said: Strange article. However I agree that humanity is the bride of Christ. That said, I’ve realized that if I were still within the evangelical church, I would be egalitarian.
  2. sarahcroswhiteblog said: Chase…thanks you.
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